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Be Prepared
Let's assume that you've heard of a great job that fits both your interests and abilities.Interview TipsYou dig out the resume, put together a cover letter, and you're ready to fax it over to Human Resources. Right? Or is there something wrong with this picture? Read More...
Get Your Foot in the Door
You've done everything humanly possibly to get your Interview Successfoot in the doorway but nothing seems to work.You still haven't received a call back on that resume you sent to your dream job. You have all the skills necessary for the position. Your resume is pristine. What could possibly be wrong? Read More...
What Employers Want
InterviewsWhat are employers looking for in employees? What traits are considered valuable? What will help the job seeker appear favorably during an interview? Read More...
Present Yourself to Advantage
Job InterviewsAn interview is your chance showcase your talents. By the time you leave, your interviewer should have a clear picture of your skills, knowledge, and strengths. Of course, that's easier said than done. Read More...
Know the Answers Before the Interview
Your resume will get your foot in the door but your interview skills will decide whether you get the job or not. The key to a successful interview is preparation. Our database of job interview questions, answering guides from industry professionals, and sample answers will greatly enhance your chances of interview success!
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Career Strategy
Goal Setting: The First Step to a New Career
Interview HelpThe first step in starting any job search is defining your goals. This means asking yourself "What do I want to be?" and "What am I qualified to do?" The closer the answers to these questions lie, the greater the chances of getting the job you want (and being happy at it!). Read More...
Time For a Change?
InterviewingOne of the most important decisions you can face in your working life is the decision to switch jobs or change the direction of your career. Because it does have such a major impact on your future life, it's a good idea to have some solid criteria to use when you are making the decision. Read More...
The Job 'Market'
InterviewMaybe you are seeking a new job, looking to advance your career, or maybe even just get a pay rise. If you know you've got what it takes, but you're not sure how to make it happen, read on. Read More...


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